The Spirits Talk To Me. They Say You're A Dumbass.
Hello. My name is Madame Nubescu. You may know me as the smoker-voiced seer with a bad accent from Carnival Del Banjo. Obviously, most of that is a farce designed to sate the appetites of tourists who seek only self-gratifying entertainment.

The spirits are real, though. And they're a pain to deal with.

((I’m just gonna.))



((That shit need to be said but I’m still an ass.))

((I’m an ass.))

((I’m sorry.))

((I’m literally talking to an empty dashboard right now. Like, you people could be calling me the worst of names and I wouldn’t know.

It’s almost surreal, isn’t it. How small tumblr can seem compared to how big it is. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there, both active and abandoned, yet we only see what we choose to see.

0_0 sp00ky))

((I do hope you guys have fun.

People should always have fun.))

((Let’s be honest, this is for the best. Y’all don’t like me, I’m not having fun here, clearing the air and going our separate ways is for the best for everyone here.))

One thing you never do. Never ever in an RP. Ever. You dont insult other people's characters. That's like the main rule.

((Whoops guess I’m not in this RP anymore. Oh wait.

Look, maybe it’s just my writer/reader/editor bones gettin’ all sensitive to shit, but sometimes there’s just painful writing that you try to get through and you try to deal with but suddenly you just can’t anymore and you just gotta let it all out and say “THIS is what you’re doing wrong. THIS is how to fix it.”

Again, sorry if I hurt anyone. I’m not trying to shatter the bonds of the RP with my humongous bitchiness, y’all can do what you want, I’m just tired of doing a thing I can’t enjoy doing.))